National Insurance Program


What you need
before you apply

IMPORTANT: This form is required to be completed by a Member of the Board or President

Each year ALL SARVAC Teams are required to provide team information as directed by SARVAC National.

Northern Insurance Brokers is collecting all SARVAC Team data on behalf of SARVAC National. PLEASE HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF ALL AREAS LISTED BELOW BEFORE STARTING THIS FORM.

For more details on coverage and policy types, see Policy Coverages.

REMINDER: Review the Documents and Information you will require before you start the application, make sure you have these on hand before you start.

Documents & Information
NATIONAL POLICY - required Coverage
  • Team Contact Information
  • Financial Information / Latest Financial Statement
  • Fundraiser activities
  • List of Directors & Officers (D&O)
  • Operating information i.e., Canine Assistance, Under 18 Volunteers (waivers), Scuba Diving, Hybrid, Project Life Saver, Air Search, Equestrian, and Swift Water
  • Enquiry, Complaints or Notice Documents (if any)
  • Federal, Provincial or Local Legal Action Documents (if any)
  • Claims, Inquiry or Prosecution Documents (if any)
NORTHERN POLICY - additional Coverage(s)
  • National Policy Information (Same information as requested above)
  • Bill of Sales
  • Property/Equipment
  • Equipment List
  • Unmanned Aircraft (UA) / Drone details
  • Lease or Usage Agreements
  • Watercraft
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • (UA) Aircraft/Drone
Acceptable file types to upload:
  • Documents (.doc, .docx, .txt)
  • Spreadsheets (.xls, .xlsx, .csv)
  • PDFs
  • Images (.jpg, .png)

Maximum File size for each attachment no larger than 1 MB

Steps to complete the digital SARVAC Insurance Application

This application is made easy to renew, or apply for new coverage:

A. Click the Start Application button

B. Follow the steps to complete the application, review and submit

  1. Board Member (National Policy)
  2. Team Information (National Policy)
  3. Team Contact Information (National Policy)
  4. About the Team (National Policy)
  5. Other Underwriting Information (National Policy)
  1. Equipment (Northern Policy)
  2. Content(s) & Building(s) (Northern Policy)
  3. Construction Details (Northern Policy)
  4. Renovations (Northern Policy)
  5. Alarm Burglary/Fire Protection (Northern Policy)
  6. Interested Parties (Northern Policy)
  7. Watercraft (Northern Policy)
  8. Recreational Vehicles (Northern Policy)
  9. Unmanned (UA) Aircraft/Drones (Northern Policy)
  1. Disclosure (National Policy)
  2. Review & Submit (National Policy)

C. A confirmation email is sent to you, it will include a copy of the application.

D. After submission, a notification is sent to Northern Insurance Brokers for their review, approval and issuance.

E. If more information is required, your Provincial Representative will contact you.

F. If approved, you will receive by email:

  1. Insurance Certificate (National) (Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Directors & Officers) with a convenient Wallet Card.
  2. If applicable, Insurance Confirmation Certificate (Northern)
    (Liability [Commercial General Liability] & Property / Equipment) and the Invoice

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