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Our Story​

Northern Insurance Brokers was founded in 1941 as Algoma Insurance Agency, offering general insurance products, life insurance, and real estate services. The business grew through organic growth and acquisitions of agencies. In 1981, the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) was established, and accordingly, the firm’s name became Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited.

Northern Insurance Brokers is the largest independent insurance broker in Sault Ste. Marie and one of the largest in Northern Ontario.​

We currently employ experienced, accredited specialists in Sault Ste. Marie. Our values (Empathic, Trust, Team, Knowledge, Systems, Courage), provide the context for our decision making and guide us as to the client experiences we strive to provide.

We are the largest commercial insurance team in the Algoma District.

Our Commercial Insurance team manages small, mid-sized and large commercial clients in numerous industry sectors, in Sault Ste. Marie and throughout Northern Ontario. Each sector has unique needs, a specific risk profile, and requires specialized policies tailored to its operations/industry sector.

Our Cause

Mitigating/Eliminating a Client's Insurable Risk

Is a Wonderful Cause.

Our Purpose ~ Client Focus

Change Insurable Risk Management

The way clients Understand their Risk.
The way we Protect Against the Risk.
The way we Design and Implement Client Interface.

Our Values | How we make Decisions and Actions


Facts, Information, Skills, Insight.


Listen First, Understand, Be Intuitive.


Integrity, Strength, Ability.


Collaborative, Coordinated, Synergy, Community.


Collaborative, Coordinated, Synergy, Community.


Enjoy Challenges, Be Proactive, Be More.

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We were founded in 1941 in Sault Ste Marie, offering general insurance products, life insurance, and real estate services. See how the business grew through growth and acquisitions of agencies


Algoma Insurance Agency is founded in Sault Ste Marie, by Mr. Aird Hollingsworth.


Mr. William Horbatuk joins Mr. Yeomans as a shareholder, and Algoma Insurance Agency becomes Algoma Insurance Agency Limited. Over the next six years, Algoma acquires three small insurance agencies and continues to grow within the community.


The Company expands to become Algoma Insurance and Realty Ltd., with the Principals being Mr. Horbatuk, Mr. Lynn Keating, and Mr. Tony Luciani.


The Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) is established as a self-governing body, and the firm is accordingly re-registered as Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited, the name that would remain in place for the next 40 years. During this year Mr. Luciani and Mr. Keating leave the firm.


Mr. Keating sells his remaining interest in Algoma, and Aldo Borelli (who joined in 1983 as a Commercial and Personal Insurance Account Executive) becomes a partner in the firm.


Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited acquires Chitty Insurance Brokers, a prestigious firm that has operated in Sault Ste Marie and area since 1910. Mr. James Horbatuk becomes a partner in the firm.


Doug Sykes Insurance Inc. merges with Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited.


Insurance Depot Inc. is amalgamated into Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited.


Mr. Ryan Bentley (who joined the firm in 2008) and Mr. Aldo Greco (who joined the firm as COO in 2017) become joint owners of the Company. Mr. Bentley assumes the role of President & CEO and Mr. Greco assumes the role of COO & CFO, following the retirement of Mr. James Horbatuk, who served as President & CEO for many successful years.

April 2021

Algoma acquires Northern Insurance Brokers Inc., a brokerage based in Sudbury that represents Algoma’s first investment in the Sudbury region and planned expansion throughout Northern Ontario. Northern Insurance Brokers operated for many years serving both Personal and Commercial Sudbury-based clients.

November 2021

The Company becomes part of Navacord Corp. – Canada‘s fourth-largest Commercial Insurance brokerage, and a leader in risk management solutions, with a significant presence in the Personal Insurance marketplace. Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited formally changes its name to Northern Insurance Brokers Inc. across all regions.

The Future
Northern Insurance Brokers Inc./Navacord Corp. will utilize their combined strengths to further expand and serve clients across Northern Ontario.
The Future
Northern Insurance Brokers Inc./Navacord Corp. will utilize their combined strengths to further expand and serve clients across Northern Ontario.

Founded over eighty years ago, Northern Insurance Brokers is currently one of the largest independent insurance brokerage in Northern Ontario.