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Your coverages should be comprehensive and correlate to where you have risk. Let us remove your uncertainty – our expertise will provide you the best recommendation for your protection.

My Rental Property
What’s at Risk Our Recommended Best Protection
My Rental Property

All Risk Protection on Building

All Risk Protection, also known as a Comprehensive Form, provides the widest range of coverage available. With All Risk Protection, you’ll be covered for everything that could happen to your rental property, unless it is specifically excluded from your policy.

My Outbuildings (Garage, Shed, etc.)

All Risk Protection - Minimum 10% of your Home's Value

Just like All Risk Protection on your Rental Property, your outbuildings such as a garage, shed, or sauna will be covered for damage due to any risk as long as it is not specifically excluded from your policy. Limits vary per company, so if you have a large garage or outbuilding, contact us to ensure you have enough coverage.

My Contents

Optional Contents Coverage is Available

In the event of a covered claim, you will receive the replacement value of your contents with no depreciation applied.

Liability (For the Premises)

$2,000,000 Limit or More

Knowing how much liability you need can be difficult to predict. To be safe, we recommend higher limits in order to keep yourself protected and account for unpredictable situations. We also recommend an Umbrella Policy for even more protection.

Learn more about the benefits of an Umbrella Policy and what it covers.

Voluntary Property Damage at my Home

Minimum Limit of $1,000

This coverage will cover unintentional damage that you (or a minor in your care) cause to someone else’s property, even though you are not legally liable for the damages.

Voluntary Medical Payments at my home

Minimum Limit of $5,000

This coverage will cover reasonable medical expenses if someone is accidentally injured on your property, even though you are not legally liable for damages.

Rebuilding my Rental Property

Options Available, including Guaranteed Replacement Coverage (conditions apply)

Guaranteed Replacement Coverage means that if your home is destroyed by an insured peril, your insurance company will guarantee to rebuild your rental property, even if it costs more than the limit stated on the policy.

Water Damage

Protection for Sewer Backup, Sump Pump Failure, Overland Water, or Water Service Lines

Water is one of the most persistent threats, and will always try and find its way into your rental property. Contact us to learn more about how to protect your possessions from different types of water damage. We will review the best options for you, from basic to best.

Additional Risks
What if there is a claim and the tenants move out?

Rental Income Protection

If your tenants are forced to move out due to a claim, this coverage will ensure that you don’t lose your expected rental income, as the insurance company will provide you with your typical rental fee.

Savings & Discounts
Combined Insurance Policy Discount

Enhanced Discounts Available by Company

Insurance companies use many variables to create your specific insurance premium. Two examples that can earn you a discount are being mortgage-free or smoke-free. Contact us today to see if you’re missing out on any discounts!