Project Construction

Your Project Deserves No Maybes

If you are an owner planning a project, or a contractor completing a project, it is important to understand how the right protection is critical for every part of the job. Our construction experts will advise you on both standard protection and additional coverages for exposures your business may have, leading to a competitive plan that is effective for you and removes uncertainty.

Builder's Risk/Course of Construction (COC)

A number of things can go wrong over the course of a construction project. This coverage will protect you from common risks, such as fire or theft, that can happen during a build and results in a loss.

Wrap-Up Liability

A Wrap-Up Liability policy is recommended for large construction projects in order to protect the projects owner, contractors, and subcontractors against loss, rather than requiring each party to obtain their own protection for a particular project.


Other Coverages

Still have uncertainty about risk that is not covered on this page?

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