Your Health Deserves No Maybes​

Important Notice: Clare Weatherby, our Health & Travel Sales Specialist, has retired as of May 3rd. Northern Insurance Brokers is committed to meeting your Health needs and has teamed up with fellow Navacord partners Programmed Insurance Brokers Inc. (PIB) to ensure uninterrupted service for you, at the same level of quality you have come to expect from NIB.

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An individual or family health plan purchased through PIB can safeguard yourself, your family and your savings from routine day-to-day expenses, as well as substantial medical bills that may arise suddenly due to a serious illness or injury.

Individual Health Plans

Individual plans are available to supplement government health care. Coverage is available for health & dental benefits, vision care, prescription drugs, and hospital expenses.

If you need to file a Health or Travel claim, make a change to your policy, or have any questions regarding your policy, please contact your insurer at the corresponding number listed below and have your policy number and information readily available.

Blue Cross  

Individual Health Plans

If you are looking for a New Individual Health Plan, or would like to Renew your existing Individual Health Plan, Please fill in the contact form below and a representative from Programmed Insurance Brokers will contact you.