Surety Bonds

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Bonding is a financial product that can be used to build your business. Our expertise allows us to advise you whether you are a new contractor wanting to grow your business, or an experienced operator looking for customized solutions. No matter what type of bonding is required, our experts can help find the solution that is right for you and your business.

Performance Bonds

Performance Bonds are a type of surety bond used to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project, and are typically required once a large project has been awarded to a company. We can ensure that your company is bonded and ready to work, no matter how big the project may be.

Labour & Material Bonds

Project owners typically require Contractors to post a Labour & Material Bond, in order to guarantee that suppliers and subcontractors are paid for their contributions to the project. Our construction experts can ensure that you, as a Contractor, have the required bonding in place to ensure your company is compliant and work can proceed.

Commercial Bonds

Commercial Bonds may be required to guarantee certain monetary, legislative, or contractual obligations, depending on who your company is doing business with.

Development / Subdivision Bonds

These specialized bonds are an alternative to letters of credit or security deposits, which in turn free up valuable borrowing capacity for residential land developers in order to satisfy land development and site servicing obligations with municipalities.

These bonds are limited to municipalities that accept bonds in lieu of Letters of Credit.


Other Coverages

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