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As a business that offers professional services, you’ll need to protect yourself from different risks than companies focused on products.
Whether you provide financial, legal, consulting, or any other services, your coverages should be comprehensive and specific to where you have risk. Let us remove your uncertainty, and use our expertise to provide you with the best recommendations for your protection.

Errors & Omissions

No company is perfect, and mistakes can happen from time to time. An E&O Policy will protect you from the costs of any lawsuits or claims against your business as a result of errors or omissions in your products or any work you have completed for a client.

Commercial Property

Property coverage is available for more than just your brick-and-mortar location, because your business is so much more than just a building. We can help you protect all aspects of your property, inside and out, including any buildings, equipment, and inventory that you own.

Commercial General Liability

The most common type of Liability coverage for businesses, a CGL policy, will protect your company against claims of bodily injury or property damage against your business that occurred as a result of your operations. This includes the legal costs associated with defending the claims as well as the costs of covering any damages awarded to third parties.

Cyber Risk Liability

With all businesses using at least some type of software or connectivity, Cyber Risk policies are more important than ever, even for small businesses. This coverage will protect your company against expenses resulting from security & privacy incidents, as well as expenses for data recovery, business interruption, or extortion following a cyber attack on your company. Our experts can assess your potential Cyber Risk, as well as provide best practices to help reduce risk to your company in the event of a cyber attack.

Other Coverages

Still have uncertainty about risk that is not covered on this page?

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