Commercial Vehicles

Your Ride Deserves No Maybes

Commercial Vehicles are an important part of many businesses, and require proper protection. Whether it is risk of damage to a vehicle, or the liability from its use, the right protection is important. Our experts will advise you on both standard protection and additional coverages for exposures your business may have, leading to a competitive plan that is effective for you and removes uncertainty.

Vehicles and Fleets

If your business owns one vehicle, or multiple vehicles, having the proper protection in place is crucial. Coverage is available on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, or to cover your entire fleet of vehicles, for everything from damage to your delivery truck to liability costs if one of your drivers is involved in an accident.

Non-Owned Automobiles

Not all businesses have their own vehicles, with many companies relying on third parties, rentals, or their employee’s vehicles in the course of their work. Protection is available for damages caused to or by a vehicle not owned by the company that is used to complete work, offering peace of mind for your business and the owner of the vehicles.

Garage Auto Liability

Any company that sells, repairs, or transports vehicles can be protected by a Garage Auto Liability Policy. The policy will protect against the liabilities associated with repairing vehicles, potential damage to non-owned vehicles while in your care, and injuries on your premises.

Other Coverages

Still have uncertainty about risk that is not covered on this page?

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