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Your coverages should be comprehensive and correlate to where you have risk. Let us remove your uncertainty – our expertise will provide you the best recommendation for your protection.

My Mobile Home
What’s at Risk Our Recommended Best Protection
My Mobile Home

All Risk Protection

All Risk Protection provides the widest range of coverage available. With All Risk Protection, you'll be covered for everything that could happen to your Mobile Home, unless it is specifically excluded from your policy.

My Outbuildings (Garage, Shed, etc.)

All Risk Protection - Minimum 10% of your Mobile Home's Value

Just like All Risk Protection on your Home, your outbuildings such as a garage, shed, or sauna will be covered for damage due to any risk as long as it is not specifically excluded from your policy. Limits vary per company, so if you have a large garage or outbuilding, contact us to ensure you have enough coverage.

My Contents

All Risk Protection - Minimum 70% of your Mobile Home's Value
Replacement Cost Basis

In the event of a covered claim, you will receive the replacement value of your contents with no depreciation applied. Just like All Risk Protection on your property, you'll be covered for damage due to any event as long as it is not specifically excluded form your policy.

My Living Expenses in the event I cannot live in my home

All Risk Protection - Minimum 20% of your Home's Value

In the event that something happens to your home and you are unable to live in it while repairs are being completed, this coverage will pay for additional living costs such as a hotel or other accommodations until you are able to move back in.

Liability (both Personal and Premises)

$2,000,000 Limit or More

Life is unpredictable and complex, so how much liability you need is tough to predict. We recommend higher limits of liability in order to keep yourself protected and account for this uncertainty.

Voluntary Property Damage

Minimum Limit of $1,000

This coverage will cover unintentional damage that you (or a minor in your care) cause to someone else's property, even though you are not legally liable for the damages.

Voluntary Medical Payments at my Home

Minimum Limit of $5,000

This coverage will cover reasonable medical expenses if someone is accidentally injured on your property, even though you are not legally liable for damages.

Additional Risks
Water Damage

Protection for Sewer Backup, Sump Pump Failure, Overland Water, or Water Service Lines

Water is one of the most persistent risks, and always will try and find its way into your home. Contact us to learn more about how to protect your possessions from different types of water damage. We will review all options for you, from basic to best.

Jewelry, Fine Art, Bicycles, etc.

Many Options Available

If you have jewelry, paintings, bicycles, or other valuable items that mean a lot to you both financially and personally, you should consider scheduling these items on your policy. For a minimal cost, we can make sure that in the event one of these items is damaged or stolen, you can receive the proper appraised value.


Many Options Available

Depending on what type of boat you have, you may be able to add it onto your property policy. Not only will this provide insurance for the boat itself, but will also extend liability in case of an accident while boating. Contact us to see if your watercraft can be added to your property policy, or if a standalone boat policy is required.

Savings & Discounts
Combined Insurance Policy Discount (Auto & Home)

Enhanced Discounts Available by Company

One of the easiest ways to save money on your insurance is to insure your home and your vehicles with the same company. Not only does this earn you a discount, but many of our providers also add increased protection and other perks when you combine your policies. Plus, with the same renewal date, all of your insurance needs can be reviewed at the same time each year!