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Personal Insurance

As you live your life… you buy things and experience new events. You may not think about it at first, but in each situation, you’ll need protection against risk.

We have the products and experience to ensure that a competitive and unique solution is created so that when protection is needed, you are covered.

  • Auto

  • Property

  • Lifestyle

  • Water Damage and Insurance: What You Need to Know

  • CAA | Pay-as-you-Go

  • Travel Trailer

  • Traveling

Business Insurance

As you focus on your business… serving your clients, navigating a changing marketplace, and potentially expanding your operations, risks will arise that need to be managed. You may not think about it at first, but in each situation, you’ll need protection against these risks. Allow us to make sure you have the Right Protection.

  • Protection & Coverages

  • Industry Sectors

  • Surety Bonding

  • Cyber

  • Small Business

  • Builders

  • Commercial General

Our Approach

At Northern Insurance Brokers we truly understand the importance of insurance for you, your property and/or your business. 
We take your exposure to risk seriously. We have decades of experience, a great selection of insurers and unique tools to provide custom risk protection.

  • Insurance
    is not a Waste of
    your Time or MoneyWhen it's needed, what you paid for really matters.

  • Broad Selection of InsurersWhy have we developed such a strong portfolio of Insurers? It’s in your best interest to have choice!

  • Insurance
    is not a CommodityHow you choose to live your life or how you manage your business is unique.
    Your insurance should reflect that.

  • Competitive PricingAt any level of Coverage -
    from Basic to Best.

We are now accepting 2023/2024 renewals

Register now for our online Search and Rescue Insurance Portal. Now available to all new and registered SARVAC Teams in 2022 and 2023. Protect your teams with specialized insurance for Search and Rescue teams. Our digital application process will ensure your team is protected.

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