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Your coverages should be comprehensive and correlate to where you have risk. Let us remove your uncertainty – our expertise will provide you the best recommendation for your protection.

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What’s at Risk Our Recommended Best Protection
I travel with my trailer to different places

All Risk Coverage

All Risk Protection provides the widest range of coverage available. With All Risk Protection, you'll be covered for everything that could happen to your Travel Trailer, unless it is specifically excluded from your policy.

I park my trailer in the same place year round

Liability Coverage - $2,000,000 Limit or More

Third-party liability insurance covers you in the event that you need to make a claim for legal expenses for damages to others as the result of an accident. Knowing how much liability you need can be difficult to predict. To be safe, we often recommend higher limits in order to keep yourself protected and account for unpredictable situations.

Can I cover the contents of my trailer?

All Risk Coverage

With All Risk Coverage, the personal belongings in your trailer can be protected from any risk, as long as it is not specifically excluded from your policy.

Savings & Discounts
Combined Insurance Policy Discount

Enhanced Discounts Available by Company

One of the easiest ways to save money on your insurance is to insure your travel trailer with the same company that your home or vehicles are insured with. Not only does this earn you a discount, but many of our providers also add increased protection and other perks when you combine your policies. Plus, with the same renewal date, all of your insurance needs can be reviewed at the same time each year!
If we aren't able to place your trailer with your current home or auto provider, we can set you up with one of Canada's top Travel Trailer specialty insurers.