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No matter what type of projects you focus on, from plumbing and electrical, to carpentry, or even interior decorating; your coverages should be comprehensive and specific to where you have risk. Let us remove your uncertainty and use our expertise to provide you with the best recommendations for your protection.

Commercial Property

Property coverage is available for more than just your brick-and-mortar location, because your business is so much more than just a building. We can help you protect all aspects of your property, inside and out, including any buildings, equipment, and inventory that you own.

Commercial General Liability

The most common type of Liability coverage for businesses, a CGL policy, will protect your company against claims of bodily injury or property damage against your business that occurred as a result of your operations. This includes the legal costs associated with defending the claims as well as the costs of covering any damages awarded to third parties.

Commercial Vehicles

If your business owns one vehicle, or multiple vehicles, having the proper protection in place is crucial. Coverage is available on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis, or to cover your entire fleet of vehicles, for everything from damage to your delivery truck to liability costs if one of your drivers is involved in an accident.

Labour & Material Bonds

Project owners typically require Contractors to post a Labour & Material Bond, in order to guarantee that suppliers and subcontractors are paid for their contributions to the project. Our construction experts can ensure that you, as a Contractor, have the required bonding in place to ensure your company is compliant and work can proceed.

Performance Bonds

Performance Bonds are a type of surety bond used to guarantee satisfactory completion of a project, and are typically required once a large project has been awarded to a company. We can ensure that your company is bonded and ready to work, no matter how big the project may be.

Builder's Risk

A number of things can go wrong over the course of a construction project. This coverage will protect you from common risks, such as fire or theft, than can happen during a build and results in a loss.

Wrap-Up Liability

A Wrap-Up Liability policy is recommended for large construction projects in order to protect the projects owner, contractors, and subcontractors against loss, rather than requiring each party to obtain their own protection for a particular project.

Other Coverages

Still have uncertainty about risk that is not covered on this page?

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